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Family Obligations in Dragonfly Dreams Housing

The obligations of Dragonfly Dreams Housing residents are stated in the family lease agreement.

They include:

  • Not to sublease the unit
  • Not to provide accommodations for boarders or lodgers
  • To use the premises solely as a private dwelling for the tenant and the tenant’s household, as identified in the lease, and not to use or permit its use for any other purpose.
  • To abide by necessary and reasonable rules
  • To comply with tenant obligations required by building and housing codes materially affecting general health and safety
  • To keep the dwelling unit unaltered and other areas assigned for the tenant’s exclusive use in a clean and safe condition. (Any changes to the rental unit must be pre-approved by the Housing Manager)
  • To safely and cleanly dispose of all ashes, garbage, and rubbish from the premises and store in a lidded trash receptacle.
  • To use all facilities in a reasonable manner.
  • To refrain from destroying, defacing, damaging, or removing any part of the premises.
  • To pay reasonable charges for repair of damages to the leased unit or property caused by the tenant, household members, or guests.
  • Not to engage in any criminal activity or drug related activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the Dragonfly Dreams Housing premises by other residents or employees of FMHA. Refrain from the use of guns (including BB guns), firearms, nun-chucks, or similar instruments, blackjacks and explosive devices on the premises or any other part of the FMHA owned neighborhood.
  • Notify the FMHA of any anticipated extended absence from the Premises in excess of seven (7) days, no later than the first day of the absence.
  • Not to engage in any drug-related criminal activity on or off the premises.
  • Not to abuse alcohol so as to impair the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents.
  • Notify FMHA immediately of the presence of roaches or other insects or pests or vermin.
  • To report changes in family composition and income in accordance with FMHA policy, as stated in the lease, providing the Housing Authority with current, accurate and complete information.
  • Comply with all Community Service requirements.
  • Comply with the Pet Policy, procedure and agreement.
  • Do not block windows and/or doors as this is a health and safety violation.
  • Give the Housing Authority at least a 30 day written notice prior to vacating the rental unit, also provide the Housing Authority with a forwarding address and return all keys to the rental unit at the time you vacate.
  • Do not use the premises for legal profit making activities incidental to the primary use as a private dwelling (see Profit making activity policy) except with the written consent of the FMHA.
  • Retain the physical and mental capacity to live in and maintain the premises in accordance with the rules and restrictions of the lease agreement on an independent basis or with the assistance of a live-in caregiver.
  • It is the policy of the FMHA to provide reasonable accommodations for our clients with a disability when appropriate and to work with those clients to find mutual acceptable solutions to problems.

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