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Hello, my name is Heather Shonk and I am a prior resident of Amherst Place. I joined the Public Housing Family Self -Sufficiency Program shortly after moving to Amherst and have participated in it since it was started by Amy Swartz. Amy, which I consider a friend and have confided almost my entire life and financial situation to, diligently helped me in my personal and financial life as much as she could.

After only approximately 2 years I earned my LPN and went from bankruptcy to good credit, good enough to be approved to buy my own home. It took a lot of work and effort on my part and Amy’s but we got it done. By all means I am not an organized person; my life is chaotic and crazy. I took the Homebuyer Education class through FMHA and Amy had information on a few different down payment assistance programs. I chose the City Development Loan for 5,000 dollars of down payment assistance, which is only available through Amy’s program. I did, however, have to contribute some money of my own to put down on my home, around 2,000 dollars, which was a lot less than I had expected thanks to the City Development Loan. My house payment is not much more than my rent was while living at Amherst, but I own it and it is mine. I was able to save a decent amount of money while on the Self– Sufficiency Program which will help me now with home improvement costs.

The Self– Sufficiency Program is truly a program that helps people get on their feet. I support it completely. It helped me achieve one of my biggest dreams of owning my own home. Amy is a friend and a great resource to everyone; she will do anything in her power to help you achieve your goal. If she does not have the information she will find it. She helped me and she can help you achieve you goals, whatever they maybe. I advise everyone to take advantage of a great program and a great person, that will do anything in their power to help you achieve your goals.

- Heather Shonk

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