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Serving the community as a special place where homeless families suffering from addiction can heal and rebuild a healthy and productive lifestyle together, Pearl House strives to create a nurturing and supportive environment where residents receive convenient access to an array of services that allow them to focus on recovery as a whole. On-site case management, treatment, and counseling in housing that is safe and secure are the strategic elements of the 21-unit project that will contribute to successfully serving residents as well as the community.

Residents will work with staff members of The Recovery Center, located adjacent to Pearl House, to use tools such as consultation, referral and information, crisis intervention, diagnostic assessment, individual and group counseling, medication management for opiate dependency, case management, education and training, early intervention, problem identification, community awareness and advocacy, treatment, and support groups for all members of the family to most effectively rid addiction from their lives.

Residents of Pearl House will be families fully committed to completing the final stages of overcoming the devastating effects of addiction. Pearl House will provide a safe and stable living environment to allow families to remain intact and focus on successful recovery together.

Applicants who have a referral letter from The Recovery Center will be given a priority on the Waiting List. To begin that process, please download the application form:

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