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This year’s Landlord Appreciation Night was sponsored by the Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority, the Fairfield County Sherriff’s Office, and the Fairfield County Landlord Association. The event, which occurred on June 15th, was an opportunity for landlords, property managers and anybody else involved in property rental or interested in rental information to meet and discuss different aspects of renting properties and their personal experiences with housing management. Attendees were treated to refreshments and door prizes, along with an instructional presentation given by Fairfield County Sherriff Dave Phalen. Sherriff Phalen’s informative presentation gave the attendees information regarding the legal aspects of property management, various methods of screening possible rental applicants, as well as some of Sherriff Phalen’s personal past experiences dealing with crime and housing. The Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority was glad to be a co-sponsor of the event and looks forward to another informative and enjoyable time next year. Thank you to everybody who attended – we appreciate your input and drive to strengthen property management in Fairfield County!

FMHA & OHFA Partner to Help Families Facing Foreclosure

Restoring Stability: A Save the Dream Ohio Initiative targets homeowners who have experienced difficulty paying their mortgage or are currently at-risk of mortgage loan default or foreclosure. Through the program, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) and FMHA will administer federal foreclosure prevention funding to help families dealing with a permanent or temporary loss of income. Homeowners, who may not have previously qualified for other existing loan modification or foreclosure prevention programs, may be eligible through this program. The federal foreclosure prevention funding is available through four different programs, which include:

  • Rescue Payment Assistance: Provides a payment to a participating homeowner's mortgage servicer to help bring the homeowner current on his or her delinquent mortgage.
  • Partial Mortgage Payment Assistance: Provides partial mortgage payments while unemployed homeowners search for a job or participate in job training.
  • Modification Assistance with Principal Reduction: Provides a payment incentive to mortgage servicers to reduce a participating homeowner's mortgage principal to the level necessary to achieve a loan modification and affordable monthly mortgage payments.
  • Transitional Assistance: Provides homeowners who cannot sustain homeownership with an alternative to foreclosure by offering an incentive to mortgage servicers to complete short sales and deed-in-lieu agreements. Transitional Assistance allows homeowners to exit their homes gracefully.

For more information or to make an appointment, please email Rob Goodrich: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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