Performance Excellence

  • Ensure that FMHA properties continue to be managed to the highest possible standards, including thorough and uniform applicant eligibility determination, fair lease enforcement, regular preventative maintenance, prompt responses to maintenance work orders, full occupancy and timely turnover of vacant units, financial management and all other components of quality property administration and maintenance.
  • Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers: Maintain "High Performer" status under HUD's Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP). Continue successful strategies to maintain high voucher utilization. Attract new Section 8 resources. Support and obtain new landlords through our “Landlord Appreciation Night” presentations.
  • Capital Improvements: Maintain high standards in all FMHA capital improvement projects, including efficient, high quality and timely design, bidding and construction. Continue to actively involve residents, staff and the community in planning capital improvements.

Employee and Organizational Development

  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity: Promote and enforce equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Attract and retain a diverse and qualified work force.
  • Employee and Organizational Development: Promote education, growth and advancement of employees through career planning, training opportunities and other resources. Continue internal rethinking strategies to promote organizational development, continuous improvement, and appropriate responses to budget challenges and program changes.
  • Safety and Security: Maintain safety and security at all PHA housing and work sites for residents, staff and the public. Promote non-violence in all aspects of FMHA's work.

Respected and Responsive Community Partner

  • Fair Housing: Work cooperatively with community representatives and other units of government to ensure non-discrimination in FMHA programs and to affirmatively further fair housing objectives. FMHA educates the public through “Fair Housing” presentations to further promote the value of diversity and respect for differences.
  • Linking Residents to Community Services: Promote community service to meet the changing needs of Public Housing residents, focusing on programs and services that enrich residents' lives, promote independence, increase community involvement and support successful tenancies in public housing.
  • Housing Preservation and Development: Work with other agencies, community partners, and organizations to preserve, develop, and/or manage affordable housing through various programs and other entrepreneurial efforts. Secure replacement units for any units that may be sold.
  • National and State Leadership Responsibilities: Continue active leadership in national and state housing organizations (NAHRO, OHAC) to improve national housing policy and funding. Continue to work with and provide assistance to other housing authorities and organizations.