The Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority (FMHA) is a public nonprofit corporation, created on July 2, 1980 by the State of Ohio Board of Housing, under Ohio Revised Code 3735.27. ORC defines how a housing authority is organized, governed, and audited. FMHA is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners, appointed to five-year terms by the following entities:

  • County Commissioners (1 member)
  • Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (1 member)
  • Judge of Probate Court (1 member)
  • Largest city in the jurisdiction (Lancaster - 2 members)

Original founding board members of FMHA were Judy Edwards, Carl Heister, George Kellner, Jr., Barbara Lynch, and William Ricker.

The jurisdiction of the PHA is all of Fairfield County.