FMHA has gone paperless with an online service called AssistanceCheck (AC). This service allows you to view information about your assistance, contact us directly and update your case file, anytime of the day or night, saving you the time and trouble it takes to come into the office or contact us by phone.

Some of the online services currently offered include:

  • Update your contact information
  • Add, edit and remove family members AND income sources
  • Complete annual reexaminations
  • View and print required documents
  • Send secure messages to us, which are permanently retained

In order to access the site, you must have been sent a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from our agency. If you are currently assisted by FMHA and have not yet created your AC account, please contact your case manager to begin the process.

(Families on the waiting lists will be notified of their PIN at the time they are selected or pulled from the lists. Waiting list applicants WILL NOT have access to AC until which time they have received their PIN and are registered.)