Housing Choice Voucher

Housing Choice Voucher

Documents related to the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

Interim Form

When there is a change of income or family composition; you must complete this form and submit the form to FMHA no later than 10 calendar days from the date of change.

Add-on Form

If you choose to add someone to your rental assistance, you must first get permission from your case manager. The first step to adding someone to your rental assistance is to complete and submit the Add-on Form to FMHA.

Reduction Form

There may be a time when someone in household moves out. You will need to complete the reduction form in order for your case manager to take the steps to remove that individual.

Termination Policy

The Termination Policy covers reasons for termination involving direct program violations. This includes violations such as missing deadlines, inspections, and payments.

Criminal Activity Policy

The Criminal Activity Policy discusses reasons for termination or denial of assistance for criminal activity such as violence, drugs, and other criminal activity that may threaten the health safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the neighbors in the area.

Lease Violations

The Lease Violation Policy explains items that would be considered a lease violation and the steps taken to correct the violation to avoid termination of your rental assistance.

Participant Responsibilities

HUD and FMHA rules/regulations list the following as some of the responsibilities of tenants and applicants while applying for and or receiving rental assistance.

Waiting List Update Form

Use this form to update information on your already submitted waiting list application.

Subsidized Housing List Brochure

Simple brochure with a list of subsidized housing options in Fairfield County.