Dragonfly Dreams Housing, formally Public Housing, is a non-profit entity that provides safe, decent and affordable housing to eligible tenants in the form of a Project Based Voucher. Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority (FMHA) serves as the Property Management Company for Dragonfly Dreams Housing (DDH). FMHA manages ninety-six (96) three bedroom homes in seven scattered sites throughout the city of Lancaster. Forty-six (46) of the homes are townhouse style doubles and fifty (50) of the homes are single one story units. Tenant rent is based on 30% of the families’ adjusted gross income.

Applicants must be referred for housing by the Project Based Voucher Coordinator. In addition to meeting all of HUD Requirements for the Project Based Voucher assistance, the applicant must also be screened, which will include, but not limited to the following:

  1. At the time of admission, be a three (3) bedroom family
  2. Meet or exceed the Applicant Screening Criteria and successfully complete the FMHA- approved Pre-Occupancy Class (POC).
  3. Demonstrate through an assessment of current and past behavior the ability to respect the essential obligations of tenancy as expressed in the FMHA lease.
  4. Criminal background check (this includes arrests and convictions). It is the goal of FMHA to provide a safe, comfortable and drug-free environment for our residents.
  5. Check for payment history for utility charges and eviction history.
  6. Current and prior landlord histories.
  7. Past due debt(s) to other Housing Authorities

***To see more on how you may be eligible for the Project Based Voucher, please refer to the Housing Choice Voucher section***

DDH Waiting List Application

The Role of the Housing Authority

The Housing Authority is responsible for the management and operations of Dragonfly Dreams Housing.

  1. On-going functions:
    1. Assure compliance with leases
    2. Set other charges (security deposits, damages, etc)
    3. Terminate leases when necessary
    4. Maintain the development in a decent, safe and sanitary condition
  2. Supportive Services:
    1. Family Self-Sufficiency Program (see FSS page)

Resident Advisory Board Information

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) meetings are held quarterly to review policies, training on various subjects, guest speakers, and to discuss resident issues/concerns. These meetings are very valuable to the FMHA Staff to find out issues and meet the residents. If you would like to give any ideas/ suggestions for meetings or have any questions about the RAB, please contact Tabitha Morgan (Property and Finance Coordinator).

The Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority does not discriminate on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Disability, Familial Status, Age, Sexual Orientation, Veteran Status or National Origin. FMHA is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.